Collaborative mobile robots

Modular robotics at its best!

Modular research and development platform for collaborative mobile robotics and human robot interaction

at an incomparable price-performance ratio

Mobile base for a collaborative mobile manipulator

Collaborative robot arms


Configurations of collaborative mobile manipulators


sketched pc
Open source (ROS based)

  • KELO Tulip
    • Velocity-based platform controller
    • Standard cmd_vel interface
    • Configurable for any number of KELO Drives
  • ROS Navigation
    • Robot navigation with global and local path planning
    • Obstacle avoidance
    • Tutorial for usage with ROBILE platforms
  • ROS MoveIt
    • Motion planning for manipulators
    • Inverse kinematics, control and collision avoidance
    • Tutorial for usage of collaborative robot see manufacturer’s manual (DOBOT, HITBOT, UFACTORY)
  • ROBILE Simulation
    • Models for Gazebo simulator
    • Simulation of any ROBILE Brick configuration
    • Visualizations in rviz
KELO IVY Software Ecosystem

  • KELO Mayflower
    • Force-torque based platform controller for compliant motion
    • Configurable for any number of KELO Drives
    • Compatible with standard ROS cmd_vel interface
  • KELO Navigation stack
    • Global path planning based on semantic maps
    • Dynamic obstacle avoidance using 2D and 3D range sensors
    • Compatible with standard ROS interfaces
  • KELO Localization stack
    • Reliable and accurate pose estimation for mobile robots
    • Localization based on 2D or 3D Lidar sensors
    • Extensible framework with modular design
  • KELO Perception stack
    • Neural network based detection in RGB-D images
    • Person and object detection
  • KELO Fleet management (compliant with VDA 5050)
    • Planning, allocation, scheduling and monitoring of tasks and robots
    • Web-based interface