Our vision is to support enterprises ranging from the largest to the smallest in improving their performance and competitiveness as well as the working conditions of their employees through human-friendly automation of dull and dirty labor by means safe and cost-effective mobile service robots.


Robots that are able to take over dull, dirty and even dangerous task from humans in their daily life at home and at work – so-called service robots – can help relieving some pressuring societal challenges. They can help addressing the demographic change or a loss of productivity as a consequence of globalization or even pandemics such as the Corona crisis.

Three factors have hampered todays service robots from starting an unmatched success story: their energy consumption, which often due to their own massive weight, their cost, and safety concepts, which prevent robots to operate in close proximity to humans.

Our mission and business objective is to revolutionize the design of next generations of mobile service robots. Our robots will be cheaper, greener and above all safer. With this value proposition we will shake the market not only for autonomous mobile logistic robots but for service robot at large.


We use three technological levers to achieve our mission and objectives. We optimized the payload to weight ratio of our robots by reducing the weight and footprint. To a large extend this is due to our KELO drives, which weight less than 5 kg and have an unmatched payload to weight ratio of 5:1. The lower the net weight of a robot is without the less energy it will consume, the greener it is.

Furthermore, we have adopted a platform concept similar to the one which was established and has become very successful in automotive industry. Our platform consists of a number of key component, which can be use across a variety of robot designs wand which can be quickly customized to new applications.

Inherent safety will be a key issue for the design of future generations of mobile service robot, which have to operate in close proximity to humans. Our KELO drives are not only lightweight they are also inherently safe. Robots built on top of our drives can be pushed aside like shopping cars.


We are a fast-growing team of robotic engineers with a background in control theory, mechanical, electronic, mechatronic, and software engineering. Our engineers are supported by a very agile team assistant who is an allrounder and takes care of virtually everything, which is not related to product development and engineering. All our graphics and visual design work is created by a very talented graphic designer. The company is managed by Dr. Erwin Prassler (CEO) and Arthur Ketels (CTO).